Can waiting to buy your next home actually cost you more money?

Good news…this one’s an easy one!  Let’s look at the facts.  What makes up “cost” when it comes to buying a home?  2 things…price of the home and interest rate on the mortgage make up the cost to you of owning a home (excluding of course taxes and maintaining the property).  Now, nothing is guaranteed but based on history and what we know about the market today, it’s a pretty good bet to expect both home prices and mortgage rates to increase over the next year.  

As they say, the numbers speak for themselves.  So now that we agree, financially it makes more sense to buy now, what else should you consider?  How much can you afford and can you qualify for a mortgage.  A great place to start is speaking to Frank Mancuso of Northeast Equitable Mortgage (who provided the above graphic).  Once you know that, you’ll need to think about where you’d like to purchase.  Some areas now qualify for zero down loans, like a USDA mortgage.  Not familiar?  Check out the USDA Eligibility page to learn more and see if you might be eligible. 

Still not sure where to begin?  Start by talking with a licensed Realtor.  They can help match you with local lenders in order to determine the type of loan and amount to borrow that’s right for you.  They will also work with you to find the perfect home!

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Dave is a Licensed Realtor in PA & NJ with Addison Wolfe Real Estate of New Hope, PA and can be reached directly at 609-423-9147.